15 februari 2024

230.; Tiamat was Israel, Marduk was Michael?

In Babylonian myth Tiamat was the creator Goddess. Here we have Israel, the woman who created christ, including the Body of Christ, not only Jesus. Tiamat […]
26 januari 2024

229. Atlantis counterfeits the Fourth and Last World Empire in Daniel 2 and 7

Atlantis counterfeits the Fourth and Last World Empire in Daniel 2 and 7 by leon elshout, January 20, 2024, almelo, NL, – aurichalcum2018@protonmail.com   • https://www.wattpad.com/user/roodgoud […]
5 januari 2024

228. Cydonia Institute 2023 updates

Cydonia Institute 2023 updates [Read here]
22 december 2023

227. Juiste afslag, Mokerslag

Juiste afslag, Mokerslag Ik denk dat veel mensen helemaal verkeerd tegen God en de Bijbel aankijken. Dit is grotendeels de schuld van Calvinisten en zedenprekers/moralisten die […]
19 december 2023

226. De Jezus meneer (1)

Hallo hallo, (Daar iessie weer, de Jezus meneer.) Ik denk dat wij helemaal verkeerd tegen God en de Bijbel aankijken. Dit is grotendeels de schuld van […]
3 december 2023

225. Klei in handen van de Pottenbakker, Romeinen 9:20-21

Klei in handen van de Pottenbakker – Romeinen 9:20-21 door leon elshout, 28 november 2023 Mensen zeggen weleens: als een God het voor het zeggen heeft […]
2 december 2023

224. One of the Kings of Atlantis is a Palestinian

One of the kings of Atlantis is a Palestinian (Psalm 83:7). The Palestinians are the heirs of the Philistines who came from Crete and colonized Gaza. […]
18 november 2023

223. End of 2026: Endtimes begin?

The last and 70th Week of Years in Daniel 9:26-27 began in 492-493 from Cyrus the Great’s decree to the Jews to rebuild the Temple in […]
14 november 2023

222. Ayaan Hirsi Ali christen geworden

Ayaan Hirsi Ali christen geworden [Lees meer]
10 november 2023

221. Mail aan CVandaag

Atlantis in de Bijbel, een hoax van de Python Geest? – leon elshout (1964) Almelo, NL. 5 november 2023 De Griekse filosoof Plato die in de […]
3 november 2023

220. Was Atlantis, Nebo’s revenge on Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin?

Did the idol Nebo in Isaiah 46:1 take revenge on the God of the Bible? When God’s hand wrote on the wall of the palace in […]
31 oktober 2023

219. My book: Atlantis in the Bible: A Hoax by the Python Spirit (Dutch)

219. Atlantis as the City of David Almelo, 31 october 2023 Plato’s mysterious island of Atlantis captured the imagination of generations. Curiously, despite Plato’s clear description […]
26 oktober 2023

218. Atlantis in de Bijbel, een hoax van de Python Geest?

Atlantis in de Bijbel, een hoax van de Python Geest? – leon elshout (1964) Almelo, NL. 27 oktober 2023 In dit schrijven pretendeer ik dat ik […]
16 oktober 2023

217, Thorwald C. Franke: the 9000 years of Atlantis

My response to the 2018 presentation by Thorwald C. Franke (Dld.) regarding the 9000 years of Atlantis. As far as I’m concerned, Thorwald has a point […]
21 september 2023

216. Atlantis and Aktab-Kutbay

English/Dutch Explanation 1 of my book: Atlantis and the idol Aktab-Kutbay Judaism has the Atbach principle. Take the consonants of a Hebrew word and find their […]
8 september 2023

215. Britain as a merchant of Tyre – Ezekiel 27:12

Ezekiel 27:12 states that Britain was a merchant of Tyre. This Tire was destroyed in two phases, first by Nebuchanedzzar and later again by Alexander the […]
5 september 2023

214. Critias 113, central Hill on Atlantis is Mount Zion

In Revelation 13 we read of seven heads representing mountains. Babylon has no mountains, but Jerusalem does. Babylon is a dependency of Jerusalem in the End […]
5 september 2023

213. King David would defeat the army of Atlantis

King David would defeat the army of Atlantis. In 2 Samuel 3:18, God commanded David to defeat the Philistines – giants. In general, he succeeded. We […]
2 september 2023

212. De modder van Atlantis was vervloekt, Genesis 3:17

Het wil er bij mij niet in dat de modder van het gezonken Atlantis de Straat van Gibraltar blokkeerde en Atlantis zelf niet. Atlantis was een […]
7 augustus 2023

211. Arbeidsethos

Arbeidsethos Ik wil een ander detail noemen. Paulus wordt door veel moralisten of Calvinisten als voorbeeld naar voren geschoven van hoe een gelovige in zijn eigen […]
2 juli 2023

210. Why Atlantis refers to EndTimes

Kritias 118 states that Atlantis was a central plain surrounded by mountains. We read the same about Jerusalem, Mecca and Babylon and also a little about […]
9 juni 2023

209. City on the moon

17 april 2023

208. Egypt existed 3000 BC? (What???)

Thorwald Franke says he has done his homework and some professor Nesselrath did not. Then it is beyond my grasp how Franke can write this: “Because […]
12 april 2023

207. Aurichalcum Atlantis versus Nicanor poort

In Critias 116 we read that the temple of Poseidon on Atlantis was fortified with a citadel. It is difficult to explain exactly what a citadel […]
8 april 2023

206. Thorvald C. Franke responds to George Harvey

Thorwald Franke writes a response to George Harvey’s article on Atlantis. It’s hard to tie a rope to it. First of all, when Atlantis sank into […]
2 april 2023

205. Tom Holland and Thorvald C. Franke on Atlantis

 Thorvald C. Franke responds to Tom Holland’s presentation about Atlantis. There is little common thread in Thorvald’s writing and so it is difficult to respond to […]
20 maart 2023

204. Oliver Smith: Plato was inspired by Hellanicus? Come on…

Oliver Smith writes that Plato got his Atlantis inspiration from other sources such as Hellanicus of Lesbos. Oliver also mentions the war against Athens 9000 years […]
11 maart 2023

203. Graham Hancock says the sphinx is 12000 years old? Nope.

The sphinx is not 12000 years old. The Bible mentions it only in Exodus 14:2. It’s Baal Tsafon, the Lord of the North. Besides this, graham […]
20 februari 2023

202. Oliver Smith: Atlantis as Arcadia

In a piece by Oliver Smith that actually made it to Researchgate, there is an incoherent conclusion about Atlantis being equal to Arcadia. In both cases, […]
16 januari 2023

201. Thorwald Franke is still searching for an island Atlantis

It is clearly that Thorvald has never heard of the aionian times. If he says that Egypt was created around 3000 BC. This was before Noah’s […]
21 november 2022

200. Shame on you BBC for a bad Atlantis interview

Shame on you BBC for this bad podcast Atlantis is not the first historical fiction, but anti-Semitism in which Zeus dethrones the God of the Bible […]
4 november 2022

199. Thorwald C. Franke on Babylon as Atlantis

In short, Thorwald C. Franke does not seem to understand that the Philistines of Crete were actually the Minoans. The word Minoans was invented by Sir […]
3 november 2022

198. Edith Hall on Atlantis

Lots of Talks on Atlantis but where is Atlantis? Where are the aionian times or idol Academos in her story? https://www.historyextra.com/period/ancient-history/lost-city-atlantis-history-edith-hall-podcast/
2 november 2022

197. What? Was Cleito a Human??? Goodbye professor Angie Hobbs

Professor Angie Hobbs, calling Cleito a Human??? Holy cow…. Then we go again: Atlantis existed 9000 years before ancient Athens. What did she mean with that? […]
27 september 2022

196. Is remote viewing trustable?

“Is remote viewing diabolical? In Nick Redfern’s book The Martians he mentions Remote Viewing, p. 235/236. One Mrs. Kimberley Rackley delves back into the history of […]
26 september 2022

195. Nick Redfern, The Martians and the age of the sphinx

According to Nick Redfern in his book The Martians, the Sphinx in Egypt is very old, p. 125. He cites Robert Schoch regarding the great age […]
25 september 2022

194 Thorwald C. Franke on Kenneth Feder

In Thorvald Franke’s review of Kenneth Feder’s Atlantis there is so much that I can’t make sense of that I zoom in on two things. First […]
11 september 2022

193. University of Andalusia: Atlantis Conference, 25 july 2022

Of course I have missed this. A REAL Atlantis discoverer does not go to Atlantis Conferences. I hope all these “scientists” came up with the idea […]
31 augustus 2022

192. The Bible exposes Atlantis as a very big Lie

The Biblical timeline from Adam to the present day has three time panels called eons. After our eon that is coming to an end, there are […]
19 augustus 2022

191. Plato was not mistaken but het lied about Atlantis

Was Plato wrong about Atlantis, the location or the time or did he “lie” to us about a non-existent island? Had he been mistaken, Atlantis would […]
4 augustus 2022

190. Antichrist Plato was a false teacher

The false teaching of the Trinity that had infiltrated christianity came from Plato. His teaching was about the first cause, the Logos (reason) and the spirit […]
27 juli 2022

189. Thorwald Franke/Massimo Cultraro on Atlantis

Thorwald C. Franke comments on the Crete-Atlantis hypothesis. He does not mention the eons in which we can identify Atlantis. He calls the Cretans entirely in […]
23 juni 2022

188. A search for Atlantis is a search for satan

A search for Atlantis is a search for satan A Hoax of the Python Spirit My book “Atlantis in the Bible, A Hoax of the Python […]
23 juni 2022

187. Other researchers overlooked the role of the idol Akademos

Plato’s Academy was dedicated to the idol Akademos. Was this Akademos the same idol as the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16? This Python Ghost could see […]
15 april 2022

186. Atlantis by Emilio Spedicato

Another academic researcher who refuses to understand that the Atlantis kings were non-humans, so Atlantis is not an ordinary island. And I want to know about […]
10 april 2022

185. Atlantis as a hoax from the Python Spirit

A concentric city as described by Plato and named Atlantis had never existed in a remote past. This model was simply an invention by that evil […]
8 april 2022

183. Baghdad and Atlantis

I wrote before about this. I believe that the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16 had both inspired Plato’s Atlantis story to make a counterfeit creation story […]
6 april 2022

182. Kevin Casey’s Atlantis Revisited

Kavin Casey’s Atlantis Revisited. Not a word about the demonic bloodlines of the ten kings, the aionian times of the two story lines of Athens and […]
28 maart 2022

181. Atlantis by Ronnie Watt

Again a PhD, who nowhere mentions the aionian times, refuses to insert a table in his paper with the two story lines of Athens and Atlantis. […]
18 maart 2022

180. Mirror in Russian culture

“Was Endtimes Babylon – Revelation 17-18 – mirrored into Atlantis?” —————————————————– MIRROR IN RUSSIAN CULTURE https://www.facebook.com/groups/307289637275506 If you ask anyone who he sees in the mirror, […]
13 januari 2022

179. The Bible, Book of Genesis mentions nowhere an island Atlantis

Atlantis existed 11,400 years ago while Genesis places the creation of Adam 6000 years ago. This difference alone should make us think about the reality of […]
10 december 2021

(178) Jaap Doedens on the Sons of God, Genesis 6

Jaap Doedens, proefschrift over de Zonen van God in Genesis 6 [Lees meer]
21 augustus 2021

(177) Professor Heinz Günther Nasselrath on Atlantis

Another professor writing an illegible piece about Atlantis, as a response to Thorwald Franke, I understand. Now from Professor Heinz Günther Nesselrath. In the whole piece […]
5 juli 2021

(176) The REAL mystery behind Atlantis: when will Babylon rise again?

The shifting with the location of Atlantis has to do with us not being able to find Atlantis in the right place; where Plato placed the […]
19 juni 2021

(175) Platonic Myths

Thorwald seems to have me blocked on Twitter. Thorwald’s new book is out: Platonic Myths, ISBN 978-3-7534-9212-4. By comparison, my Atlantis book is available on Wattpad […]
13 juni 2021

(174) Atlantis and Minoans

Oliver Smith was the one who predicted that within a day I would be verbally lynched here with my weird theories. I am still waiting. Then […]
13 juni 2021

(173) Review: Zeit in den Kulturen des Altertums

Thorwald C. Franke reviews Roland Färber and Rita Gautschy’s adaptation of the book Zeit in den Kulturen des Altertums. I miss the caveats that Egyptian chronology […]
3 juni 2021

(172) Plato’s Academy as a prehistoric “Wuhan Lab”

(172) Plato’s Academy as a prehistoric “Wuhan Lab” Let’s stop canonizing scientists just like that, even if they have a title to their name and pretend […]
24 mei 2021

(171) Arcadia = Accad, Genesis 10:10

Some author, Oliver D. Smith claims that Atlantis and another mythical place called Arcadia, could have been the same things. Yes, they are. What if Arcadia […]
24 mei 2021

(170) Discovery: Hunting Atlantis with Stel Pavlou and Jess Phoenix

Here we go again: a bunch of academics, professors, scientists will discovere the old city of Atlantis. One name in the series is Stel Pavlouy who […]
12 mei 2021

(169) Athanasius Kircher’s Aeolian harp

(169) Athanasius Kircher’s Aeolian harp It is unfortunate that this forum offers room for a philosophical assessment of Atlantis but has no theological option. In the […]
12 mei 2021

(168) More undeep insights by Werner Wickbold

(168) More undeep insights by Werner Wickbold My luck is that as a Dutch person I can also read some German, also because my father lived […]
26 april 2021

(167) Why Atlantis has to be Babylon/Al-Hillah

Why Atlantis has to be Babylon/Al-Hillah In Daniel 2 we read about four pagan empires of which the fourth is yet to come. The largest of […]
22 april 2021

(166) Al-Hillah, Iraq versus Akishar, Turkey – leon elshout

For those who do not believe that Al-Hillah is Atlantis; don’t be fooled by what you see. The Bible mentions Babylon as the capital of every […]
13 april 2021

(165) Adolf Schulten’s Tarshish

Adolf Schulten was looking for Tartessos in Spain. After him came Helena Maria Whishaw. They did not find Tartessos. At best they found some remnants of […]
4 april 2021

(164) Plato’s unpardonable sin

To attribute God’s works to Satan is to blaspheme the holy spirit, John 5:36; 9: 4; 14:10. To claim that Satan, the Adversary, acted independently of […]
30 maart 2021

(163) Zeus is a reptile

Zeus is a reptile The Greek idol Zeus is a reptile. His image was spotted in some Mars photos of the Curiosity Rover. The combination of […]
30 maart 2021

(162) Tzafon als middernacht

Why can Atlantis not be discovered? Because it is hidden and it is in the north, NOT in the west. The Hebrew word tsaphon is usually […]
25 maart 2021

(161) Atlantis in the Tartaros

Osiris was the leader of the underworld, according to the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In fact he was the same personality as Poseidon who was […]
18 maart 2021

(160) Neith or Night?

Ashenath / Neith in Genesis 41:41 teaches us that we will not be blind to the chronology of Atlantis. Atlantis already existed in the time of […]
17 maart 2021

(159) Islamic Hijab dedicated to Astarte; Neith in Genesis 41:45

Islamic hijab was already dedicated to Asherah in Babylon. Allah had three daughters, one of them was Al Uzzah. Mohammed had a daughter named Fatima. Cairo […]
3 maart 2021

(158) Martian Astronomy is different

the five-sided D&M pyramid on Mars is pointed towards the famous Sphinx Face in the Cydonia region. In various Mars photos the number 5 shows up […]
2 maart 2021

(157) Martian astronomy

According to astronomers, Earth is the third planet from the sun. The Martians – yes – calculate differently. The number five keeps popping up on Mars. […]
2 maart 2021

(156) Atlantis is Endtime Babylon in reverse Biblical order of time and space

Atlantis is Endtime Babylon in reverse Biblical order of time and space if we reverse the five Biblical eons and move End Time Babylon back to […]
2 maart 2021

(155) Goodbye Python Spirit

Goodbye Python Spirit aka Akademos, Poseidon, King Atlas, Apollo, Baal Tsafon, Zeus, Athena and how many more masks do you have? Odin, Wodan, Valiant Thor? Your […]
21 februari 2021

(154) Atlantis goes down, Jerusalem goes up

Atlantis in the guise of End Time Babylon grows after the Antichrist placed his image in the Third Temple in Jerusalem (Matthew 24:15). In a next […]
19 februari 2021

(153) Hij staat!

Hij staat!
10 februari 2021

(152) The real God of Atlantis: Apollo, not Poseidon

(152) The real God of Atlantis: Apollo, not Poseidon If the Python Spirit had occupied Plato’s mind in Acts 16:16, the Atlantis story would have arisen […]
3 februari 2021

(151) Jesus is the great absentee in the Atlantis story

Jesus is the great absentee in the Atlantis story. Zeus deprives Him of the role of punishing Atlantis. Thus the almighty God of Heaven and Earth […]
21 januari 2021

(150) About sex and prostitution

About sex and prostitution
17 januari 2021

(149) Venus, Sea of Atlas

16 januari 2021

(148) The islamic veil that covers Atlantis

Why can researchers not find Atlantis? Because it is veiled. The islamic empire of the Endtimes keeps Atlantis veiled. If Babylon is a ****, then she […]
16 januari 2021

(147) Atlantis is Greek; Babylon is Jewish; aion and olam

If Endtimes Babylon is a dependance of Jerusalem; then was Atlantis a dependance of Athens? So who was colonizaing who, actually? The hostile armies from Babylon […]
11 januari 2021

(146) Time for a new Atlantis approach!

We have seen the many archeologists, spending all of their money on diving equipment, even up to submarines. To do what? To search for a lost […]
10 januari 2021

(145) Commentary on Rainer Kühne’s Atlantis

Rainer Kühne makes the same mistake as all other Atlantis researchers. He doesn’t know what the aionian times in the Bible are, Ephesians 3:9, 11, often […]
9 januari 2021

(144) Comments on John V. Luce and Oliver D. Smith

I have been reading Oliver’s paper (below). I read about expensive expeditions to Crete and Thera, resulting in reports without any conclusions. Oliver D. Smith writes […]
8 januari 2021

(143) Commentary on Jean-Pierre Pätznick

Another professor. In his article I read NOTHING about Osiris as the leader of the underworld on the western underworld, let alone he explains WHICH underworld. […]
8 januari 2021

(142) Paulus Orosius

On Thorvald Franke’s tweet I found a statement on Paulus Orosius. A copy of his works is in the Library of Sankt Gallen, Switserland. I was […]
6 januari 2021

(141) Another shitty Atlantis documentary

Another shitty Atlantis documentary. Key actors are: Richard Freund, Claudia Preis, Anna Machin, Sam Willis, Claudio Lozano. They use expensive equipment to search for something that […]
30 december 2020

(140) Why Robert Bauval and Edgar Cayce were wrong

I assume that most visitors here know their theories. Edgar Cayce claimed that Atlantis existed many thousands years ago. Robert Bauval connected the position of the […]
29 december 2020

(139) Athanasius Kircher predicted Covid 19?

(139) Athanasius Kircher predicted Covid 19? Athanasius Kircher had become famous for his Atlantis map. I have discovered that his Atlantis projection resembles the Sea of […]
18 december 2020

(138) Haim Eshed on aliens

Recently an unknown guy named Haim Eshed shook the world presses with his remarks about aliens and Americans working together in an underground base on Mars. […]
18 december 2020

(137) Babylon = Babylon

The wrath of Zeus could not have destroyed Atlantis in a remote past since this wrath and the earthquake in Revelation 16:18 are clearly Endtimes happenings. […]
14 december 2020

(136) Vergeving door bloedvergieten?

Kan vergeving alleen geschieden door bloedvergieten en wat was precies het offer van Golgotha?  >>>
13 december 2020

(135) Professor Haim Eshed interview on aliens

According to Professor Haim Eshed, the American Army works together with aliens deep onder the surface of Mars. There was almost a disclosure by Donald Trump […]
5 december 2020

(133) Lots bezitten in het Koninkrijk

Kan een gelovige zijn bestemming in christus kwijtraken? Nee. Wel kan uit bepaalde gedragingen zoals hoerenlopen blijken dat iemand nooit bij het Lichaam van Christus hoorde. […]
26 november 2020

(129) Wolter Brakshoven interviewt André Piet

(129) Wolter Brakshoven interviewt André Piet
9 november 2020

(125) MZTV 558: Sin and Death Exhausted Itself Upon Christ

1 oktober 2020

(123) What does Poseidon’s aionian tempel on an eternal Atlantis?

What does Poseidon’s tempel on Atlantis? Why did Plato mention Poseidon’s temple on Atlantis at all? What was it’s significance? Why didn’t he talk about the […]
17 september 2020

(121) Athanasius Kircher’s Inner Earth Fires & Covid 19

Look how Athanasius Kircher’s Inner Earth Fires look like the Covid 19 virus, Creative Commons, Wikipedia
31 augustus 2020

(119) What is hell fire?

What is hell fire? When christians speak of hell, what do they mean with it? Most christians do not know exactly where they are talking about. […]
9 augustus 2020

(117) Is Valiant Thor the coming antichrist?

Is Valiant Thor the coming antichrist? Dr. Frank Stranges wrote a book about him with the title, Stranger at the Pentagon. Valiant Thor claims to be […]
21 juni 2020

(98) Apostel John in Turkey

Apostle John in Turkey The apostle Paul had his ministry in Turkey and later Greece and later even in Rome. Few people know that the apostle […]
21 juni 2020

(96) Atlantis sunk 9000 years before Plato into the sea?

Atlantis sunk 9000 years before Plato into the sea? In Critias 108 Plato stated that Atlantis had 9000 years earlier sunken in to the sea due […]
21 juni 2020

(95) Atlantis and Plato’s Cave

Atlantis and Plato’s Cave One day liberal theologians explained to me that Plato’s famous Cave was occupied with two pyromaniacs. There was an opening in the […]
16 juni 2020

(88) Plato was lying

Plato was lying In Critias 108 and Timaios 25 Plato suggested that the Strait of Gibraltar was unnavigable due to the mud of the sunken Atlantis. […]
15 juni 2020

(87) The snatching away

The snatching away Nothing seems so mind boggling to me as the snatching away we read about in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and Revelation 12:5. The first […]
14 juni 2020

(86) Atlantis through the eyes of a scout

Chapter 4 of my Atlantis book, translated Atlantis through the eyes of a scout A real Bereër is also a Boy Scout. We can expect a […]
8 juni 2020

(81) 2 Thess. 2:3, the falling away

2 Thess. 2:3, … “except there come afalling away first…” this is the snatching away of the ecclesia and not about believers who fall from their […]
7 juni 2020

(80) Mount Seir

Mount Seir There were two mountains Seir, the Horrite one, mentioned in Genesis 14:6 and the Edomite one, mentioned in Deuteronomium 2:5. In Deuteronomium 2:1 we […]
7 juni 2020

(79) The real Migdol

The real Migdol Oh come on… so many ideas on the internet about what Migdol in Exodus 14:1-2 is. Self proclaimed intellectuals do not know what […]
5 juni 2020

(74) Thanks

4 juni 2020

(71) Atlantis as a synagoge

Atlantis as a synagoge If the Twin Pillars of Hercules – Gibraltar and Monte Hecho – in front of Plato’s mythical island Atlantis reflected the Boaz […]
2 juni 2020

(68) Objective Atlantis research?

(68) Objective Atlantis research? If Plato states that Atlantis disappeared 9000 years earlier into the ocean (Critias 108), what did he mean with that? Did Atlantis […]
31 mei 2020

(66) Atlantis, the Istanbul connection

Atlantis: the Istanbul connection by leon elshout, 31 may 2020, https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl & www.flipsnack.com/roodgoudvanparvaim – aurichalcum2018 at protonmail.com If Plato’s Atlantis was indeed mirrored from both endtimes […]
17 mei 2020

(65) The Mountains of Atlantis, Critias 118

The mountains of Atlantis by leon elshout, 17 may 2020, roodgoudvanparvaim.nl – www.flipsnack.com/roodgoudvanparvaim mail, aurichalcum2018 @ protonmail.com In Critias 118 we read that Atlantis existed of […]
6 mei 2020

(64) Faith means living with uncertainty

Faith means living with uncertainty, as Abram and Sara left Ur on a mission without a clear destination. As the Israelites lived forty years in the […]
14 april 2020

(63) Atlantis in Mirrors

Atlantis in mirrors by leon elshout, roodgoudvanparvaim.nl, www.flipsnack.com/roodgoudvanparvaim, aurichalcum2018 (at) protonmail.com, 14 april, 2020 ————————————————– Was Atlantis mirrored in time and space? In 1 Corinthians 13:12 […]
6 april 2020

(62) Doorbraak in Atlantis onderzoek

Doorbraak in Atlantis onderzoek 6 april 2020, gestuurd aan Tubantia De ontelbare speurders naar Plato’s verzonken eiland Atlantis zagen een paar simpele zaken over het hoofd. […]
28 februari 2020

(60) The beginning of Atlantis in Matthew 24:15

The beginning of Atlantis in Matthew 24:15 by leon elshout, 27/2/2020, https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl Revelation 11:1-2 explains us the dualism of Atlantis. In verse 1 we read about […]
28 februari 2020

(59) The real location of the Third Temple versus the Haram Shariff in Revelation 11:2 and the connection with Atlantis

The real location of the Third Temple versus the Haram Shariff in Revelation 11:2 and the connection with Atlantis by leon elshout, almelo, NL, 24/2/2020, https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl […]
21 februari 2020

(58) Were the “Gorgons” in Hesiod’s Theogony the “Gray Aliens”?

Were the “Gorgons” in Hesiod’s Theogony the “Gray Aliens”? by leon elshout, 20 feb. 2020, NL. https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl Who were the Grogons in Hesiod’s Theogony 270-296? The […]
13 februari 2020

(57) The Atlanteans are the apostate Jews

Do not be deceived by the craziness of people who try to tell you that they had a former life on Atlantis. They are simply liars […]
28 januari 2020

(56) Was Auschwitz-Birkenau een tempel voor Baal Tzafon?

Was Auschwitz-Birkenau een tempel voor Baal Tsaphon? Door leon elshout, roodgoudvanparvaim.nl, 28 januari 2020 We weten allen wat er in Auschwitz gebeurd is. Hier werden de […]
27 januari 2020

(55) Was Auschwitz Birkenau a temple for Baal Tsaphon?

Was Auschwitz Birkenau a temple for Baal Tsaphon? By leon elshout, almelo, NL, 27 january, 2020, https://vixra.org/abs/2001.0588,  posted on 27/1/2020 roodgoudvanparvaim.nl or roodgoudvanparvaim.wordpress.com This day, 75 […]
23 januari 2020

(54) Atlantis versus polarisatie

artikel geschreven voor Dagblad Trouw op 21 januari 2020, gepost 23 jan. 2020, rond 23:03. http://vixra.org/abs/2001.0504 Wat Atlantis ons kan leren over onze gepolariseerde samenleving door […]
28 september 2019

(51) Atlantis in the Sea of Nations

Atlantis in the Sea of the Nations Leon Elshout, Almelo, 25/9/2019, NL, https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl –https://roodgoudvanparvaim.wordpress.com – aurichalcum2018 (at) protonmail.com Posted on Vixra 25/9/2019, posted here: 28/9/2019 The […]
14 mei 2019

(50) Athanasius Kirchner’s “Harp” design Atlantis map

written on 14 may 2019, also posted on Vixra: http://vixra.org/abs/1905.0209 (50) Athanasius Kirchner’s “Harp” shaped Atlantis map by leon elshout, 14 may 2019 https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl/ (aurichalcum2018 (at) […]
20 maart 2019

(49) Is Atlantis a theological or an archeological issue?

(49) Is Atlantis a theological or an archeological issue? Leon elshout, 19 march 2019, aurichalcum2018 (at) protonmail.com https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl/, http://flipsnack.com/roodgoudvanparvaim/ & https://www.wattpad.com/user/roodgoud & https://roodgoudvanparvaim.wordpress.com/ Plato’s Atlantis According […]
20 februari 2019

(47) The Coming Greek Empire

20  feb. 2019, 09:35 Anno 2019 we will not believe which country dominates the world in 2030. Is it China, India, Russia or USA? Hold on, […]
26 november 2018

(46) Twin Cities Atlantis and the Python spirit

Twin Cities Atlantis and the Python spirit Book: Atlantis as Endtimes Jerusalem and Endtimes Babylon: roodgoudvanparvaim.nl (leon elshout, aurichalcum2018 (at) protonmail.com) 25/11/2018, Published 26/11/2018, Netherlands, http://vixra.org/abs/1811.0403 […]
14 oktober 2018

(45) Atlantis as the Underworld

Atlantis as the Underworld Sunday 14 october 2018 Leon Elshout, roodgoudvanparvaim.nl, aurichalcum2018 (at) protonmail.com If Atlantis was mirrored from Endtimes Babylon to the horizon in the […]
22 september 2018

(44) Researchers and scientists as modern pharisees

22 sept. 18 Researchers and scientists as modern pharisees Atlantis research had until now a one dimensional approach. Researchers did their research only in an archeological […]
13 september 2018

(43) Babylon as the blueprint for Mount Tsaphon, Troy, Asgard, Olympus and Atlantis

Babylon as the blueprint for Mount Tsaphon, Troy, Asgard, Olympus and Atlantis Leon Elshout, 12 september 2018 (published 13 sept. 18) book: Atlantis as Endtimes Babylon, […]
1 september 2018

(39) How did Plato Know about Endtimes Babylon?

How did Plato Know about Endtimes Babylon? 1 september 2018 By Leon Elshout If Atlantis was a mirrored scenario of the downfall of Endtimes Babylon on […]
26 augustus 2018

(37) The Ishtar Gate in Babylon and the Pillars of Hercules

Zo. 26 aug. 2018 The Ishtar Gate in Babylon and the Pillars of Hercules It was Nebuchanedzar of Babylon who built the Ishtar Gate which is […]
25 augustus 2018

(35) Atlantis is already with us and so are the Atlanteans

saturday 25 august 2018 Atlantis is already with us and so are the Atlanteans Oh please, let’s stop spending money on diving to the ocean bottom […]
19 augustus 2018

(34) Taphon, Tsafun and Atlantis

Taphon, Tsafun and Atlantis written 18 aug. posted 19 aug. 2018 North The word “Tsaphon” means “north” and is number #6828 of Strong’s Bible Concordance. We […]
15 augustus 2018

(33) Aurichalcum

15 aug. 18 Aurichalcum In Critias 116 we read about the aurichalcum that covered that temple of Poseidon on Atlantis of which I believe is the […]
13 augustus 2018

(32) Atlantis, the empire of satan

13 aug. 18 Atlantis, the empire of satan Oh these Atlantis researchers, which women did ever give birth to 5 twins who also became kings? These […]
12 augustus 2018

(31) Plato’s Atlantis and the time aspect

12 aug. 18 Plato’s Atlantis and the time aspect Plato is said to have received the Atlantis story from Solon who had gotten it from a […]
26 juli 2018

(27) Mount Tzafon

The Mount Tzafon is presently the Mount Aqra in the north of Syria. In this area the Ugarith Baal and Anat Cycle was discovered. Baal and […]
18 juli 2018

(26) The Pillars of Hercules and the dualism of Endtimes Babylon

18 juli 2018 The Pillars of Hercules point clearly to the dualism of Endtimes Babylon. On one hand it will be a plutocracy in which only […]
29 juni 2018

(19) Atlantis as a winzip island

29 juni 2018 Atlantis as a winzip island My book on Atlantis as EndTimes Babylon: https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl/ Referring to my previous post on the necessity to mirror […]
28 juni 2018

(18) The mirroring principle in art and Atlantis

28 juni 2018 The mirroring principle in art and Atlantis Mirroring is a well know principle in art. I have that book The Cydonia Codex by […]
27 juni 2018

(17) The real mystery: the rebuilding of Babylon

27 juni 2018 The real mystery: the rebuilding of Babylon In our obsessive attempt to trace Atlantis in a remote past, we are at risk of […]
25 juni 2018

(15) Atlantis is Iraq

ma. 25 juni 2018 Atlantis is Iraq Plato’s Atlantis missed one point: it was mirrored. It existed not in a past but in a future; it […]
21 juni 2018

(14) Who was Heracles?

21 juni 2018 Who was Heracles? According to Plato, Atlantis was situated outside the Pillars of Hercules. This Hercules was the Roman alter ego of the […]
20 juni 2018

(13) Crete as a Blueprint for Scheria and Atlantis

20 juni 2018 Crete as a Blueprint for Scheria and Atlantis Crete as a blueprint for Homer’s Scheria and Plato’s Atlantis is a bit complicated story. […]
18 juni 2018

(12) Who were Socrates and Plato really?

18 juni 2018 Who were Socrates and Plato really? Socrates and Plato seemed to be the most influential philosophers in Western culture. Okay, but who were […]
17 juni 2018

(11) Babylon has fooled all of us

17 juni 2018 Babylon has fooled all of us Babylon had five twin kings and decided at last to duplicate herself into a mirrored alter-ego island […]
16 juni 2018

(10) The Eye of Ra

16 juni 2018 The Eye of Ra The famous Eye of Ra is also called the Eye of Horus. In the name Ra we recognize the […]
14 juni 2018

(9) Atlantis as an anti-Semitic story

14 juni 2018 (Eng/NL) Atlantis as an anti-Semitic story Atlantis was not simply “just” an island in a remote past that existed beyond Gibraltar in the […]
11 juni 2018

(8) Tarshish as Great Britain and the paradox with Atlantis

Tarshish as Great Britain and the paradox with Atlantis Leon Elshout, june 2018, Atlantis as Babylon https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl/ There is a second important country in the Bible, […]
7 juni 2018

(7) De wereld van de voortijd

Het is op zich spectaculair dat er een wereld voor de onze is geweest met een beschaving die volledig is weggewist (2 Petrus 3:6). De Zondvloed […]
5 juni 2018

(6) De aardbeving die Atlantis velde

The earthquake that hit Atlantis and the three Floods in Critias 112 Atlantis was destroyed by an earthquake as Plato wrote in Critias 108 and Timaeus […]
2 juni 2018

(5) Concentric building of Babylon & Atlantis

When Atlantis is Babylon, then Baghdad was the new Babylon. It was built in a concentric design that resembles Atlantis. https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2016/mar/16/story-cities-day-3-baghdad-iraq-world-civilisation More on concentric building is […]
30 mei 2018

(4) Ophir as Opis on the Tigris

What was Ophir? © Leon Elshout, in my 600 pages book in Dutch language on Atlantis as Babylon: Tzaphon-Midnight: Atlantis and Troy and The Secret of […]
26 mei 2018

(3) Atlantis as a theological model of Tzaphon and End Times Babylon (Rev. 17-18) and the storylines of Atlantis and Athens.

(3) Atlantis as a theological model of End Times Babylon (Rev. 17-18) and the storylines of Atlantis and Athens. * Note, since the beginning of my […]
9 april 2018

(1) Hiep hoi

Hiep hoi, Atlantis ontdekt… = Babylon


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Wederkomst op de derde dag



In Psalm 15:1; 24:3; 48:2; 74:2; 99:9, Jesaja 2:2-4; 25:6; Micha 4:1-4; 2 Kronieken 3:1 werd de tempel in Jeruzalem een berg genoemd. In Openbaring 21:10 werd het toekomende Jeruzalem een berg genoemd. In Jesaja 26:2 en Psalm 48:13 werd Jeruzalem een burcht genoemd.