Plato's Atlantis in the Bible:

My answer to Aurelius Augustine's,
De Civitate Dei

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My book

Tsaphon-Midnight: Atlantis from Jerusalem to Babylon; What the Bible says about a Dualistic Atlantis and Troy
ISBN 978 90 90 324 074

Tsaphon, Zacharia 14:6

* Atlantis as the coming Greek "fourth" World Empire in Daniel 2:40 & 7:23
* The birth of Atlantis in Matthew 24:15
* The end of Atlantis in Zacharia 14:6 & Revelation 18:2
* The End of World Capitalism on the Euphrates, Revelation 18:2
* David McWilliams, Can I get There by Candlelight? (Revelation 18:23)
* Italo Calvino, Al-Hillah/Babylon, City of 'Nightmares', Invisible Cities
* Paula Rego, How many miles to Babylon?

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A Dualistic Atlantis as a theological rather than an archeological principle

Nebuchanedzar's dream (Daniel 2:40) & Daniel's dream (Daniel 7:23) versus Plato's Atlantis vision

Had the mysterious and evil "sphinx-like" python spirit in Acts 16:16 fooled us all including Plato by mirroring Endtimes Jerusalem and Babylon into an Island Atlantis that had existed in a remote past on the location of the Greek underworld in the far west? The answer is most likely, "yes". Is Plato's Atlantis really about a sunken Island or is there a theological rather than an archeological message in the story?

Does the Bible really keep silent on Atlantis and Troy? Or did we read the Bible in the wrong way? Why should Atlantis be a theological rather than an archeological story? The answer is that the main gods in Plato's Atlantis story were very well known in the Bible. Athena was the Canaanite goddess Astarte (1 Kings 11:5), Poseidon was Dagon in Judges 16, aka Ansjaar in Sura 9:117, while Heracles was the god Melqart of Tyrus. It was Alexander the Great who destroyed Tyrus in an Atlantis way (Ezekiel 26-28). He was predicted in Daniel 8:21. Zeus was Baal Tsaphon - the Lord of the North aka the sphinx - in Exodus 14:1-2. Babylon is a desert city but connected through the Euphrates to the Persian Gulf, she sits in the middle of all the world seas, as we read in Revelation 17:1-5.

If the city of Enoch in Genesis 4 was the first blueprint for Atlantis, then where and how will the Atlantis model end? Was Atlantis "mirrored"? And what was the Atlantis underworld? How does the mighty earthquake in Revelation 16:18 correspond with the earthquake in Critias 108? How did Atlantis move between sunrise and sunset? And what does “Tzaphon” “north” or “midnight have to do with Atlantis, Cairo, Jerusalem or Babylon? What are the mysterious aionian times in the Bible? It sounds very much as if Plato's Atlantis was simply the very evil "halloween" fourth empire in Daniel 2:40 & 7:23. Plato had somehow mirrored this evil empire in time and space.

Is this Atlantis?

Daniel 7:19

Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth [wereof] iron, and his nails [of] brass*; [which] devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;

Daniel 7:23 - Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom* upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

* brass = aurichalcum, a new Alexander
* fourth kingdom = Atlantis within the four dimensions of tsaphon, north/east/south/west, mirrored in all directions and in time.

Dualism & Polarisation

Atlantis has nothing to do with ruins on the sea bottom but everything with the polarisation in the West and especially America, the continent that was mentioned in Timaios 25. De dualistic principle of the twin pillars of Hercules and the five twin kings echo this polarisation.

Other researchers were just searching for an island Atlantis while I search in my book for a "dualistic" Atlantis that was innerly dividid. As satan's empire is innerly divided (Matthew 12:26). Did Matthew 24:15 tell us about Atlantis' birth while Revelation 18:2 reveals us the downfall of Babylon/Atlantis?

A final Middle East or Greek world empire will rise

The Bible teaches us that a new Alexander will come. Not China, Russia, India or USA will be the Fourth Reich but Greece and the Middle East. The leopardess in Revelation 13:2 is the same as the leopardess in Daniel 7:6. This leopardess is Greece. No matter how disabled Greece looks like in 2020, the Bible teaches us that God will do a miracle to Greece. The End Time would most likely begin around 2030, two thousand years after the resurrection. This means that the final Greek empire will rise before 2030. A new Alexander will stand up and conquer the Middle East. He will settle his headquarters in rebuilt Babylon. Is this not a mirrored image of the war between Athens and Atlantis? Only time and place differ. Generations looked for Atlantis and Troy. The Bible reveals the real identity of Atlantis. Atlantis seems to have less to do with a bunch of rocks on the sea bottom but instead of that it has everything to do with the end of world capitalism. Capitalism is in fact religious Mammonism and an immediate rival of Paulinian Christianity. The throne of capitalism will be rebuilt Babylon on the River Euphrates (Zacharia 5:11). And who was Socrates really, who is Allah and what is Atlantislam? I wrote my 588 pages book on Atlantis in Dutch language, isbn 978 9090 324 074.

© Leon Elshout, Pesach 2018, new online edition 23 january 2019

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Athanasius Kirchner's "Harp" shaped Atlantis map
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More reading:
Scheil, Andrew P. (2016). Babylon Under Western Eyes: A Study of Allusion and Myth. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto

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Is the Haram Shariff in the heart of Jerusalem the surrounded place as mentioned in Revelation 11:2? Both the islamic Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque that sit in the Haram Es Shariff were built on the fundaments of the former Temple of Zeus, that was built by Emperor Hadrian who also built the tempel in Baalbek, Lebanon. The true Temple of Herod was built outside the Haram Sharif on a hill that was the location of the City of David. The Wailing Wall is a remnant of the Roman Fortress Antonia. Both the pagan Haram Shariff and the true location of the Temple outside the complex form a dualistic Atlantis system in the heart of Jerusalem. This dualistic Atlantis was expressed by the Pillars of Hercules. As the prophet Muhammed was an expression of Zeus and Atlas. More about the location of the real Temple of Salomon and Herod:

Askelm * Deel 1 * Deel 2

Red Gold of Parvaim - 2 Chronicles 3:6

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Salvation of All

I believe that Jesus died for all our sins and that He had resurrected from the death after two days. Based on this ALL people will be saved but only in a different rank. Unbelievers will be saved after their resurrection and judgement. God will save all mankind (1 Timothy 2:4-6) and God is in fact the Saviour of all mankind (1 Timothy 4:10,11). All mankind will have their lives justified and will be made righteous (Romans 5:18,19) and will be made alive beyond the reach of death, subjected to Christ and then God will be All in all mankind (1 Corinthians 15:22-28). Very likely even the animals including our pets will be saved. They were in the majority in Noah's Ark. For more information about the salvation of all I refer to the website As a Paulinian christian I believe in the snatching away, 1 Thessalonians 4:14-17. It is far beyond my grasp but still I believe that I will be transformed in a glimp of a second after which I will be snatched away to the clouds where Jesus is waiting for me. Again, this is beyond Scifi, but my faith requests it that I believe this. See Alexander Thomson's artcile Whence Eternity, >>>>
Which faith will save you? >>>>

Deze website preekt alverzoening, een woord dat in Kolossenzen 1:20 staat. We zien elkaar allemaal weer! Dat is de echte boodschap van de Bijbel (1 Timotheüs 4:10). Ook de dieren zien we terug (Psalm 36:6, Romeinen 8:21). Niet in een hiernamaals zien we elkaar weer maar na onze opstandingen uit de dood. >>>> Iedereen wordt gered, ook de ongelovigen, echter alleen door het kruis van de opgestane christus zoals we in Kolossenzen 1:20 lezen. >>>. Zie ook de basis van het evangelie >>>

Het woord "hel" was een foute vertaling van Gehenna dat het Hinnomdal bij Jeruzalem is. Het woord "eeuwig" was een foute vertaling van het woord olam/aion dat een periode aanduidt.

Ik opereer in de geest van de Bereërs (Handelingen 17). De wereld heeft geen belang bij opwekkers, Trotskisten of anarchisten maar des temeer bij Bereërs die de geschriften kritisch onderzoeken. Voor meer informatie noem ik dit boek of de Engelse tekst. Over dood en opstanding:
Welk geloof zal u redden? >>>>

Rood Goud
De titel van deze website, het "Rode Goud van Parvaïm" gaat over de kleur van het rode goud uit Parvaïm. Niemand weet exact waar Parvaïm lag. Ik houd het op de stad Sippar aan de Eufraat. Of misschien was Parvaim een andere naam voor Ofir, aka Opis/Ctesiphon aan de Tigris waar goud gezuiverd werd.

Waarom moest Christus sterven?
Jezus betaalde de prijs aan de dood door te sterven. Het sterven zelf was de prijs. Hij betaalde de prijs niet aan God maar voor God. Hij betaalde geen schuld aan God maar kocht ons vrij van de zonde en de dood. Zijn sterven was een losprijs. Hij stierf voor onze zonden, niet voor de straf op onze zonden. Hij bevrijdde ons door uit de dood op te staan. Door de opstanding bracht Hij nieuw leven. God eiste niet het bloed van Zijn Zoon maar bewees ons genade door de opstanding. De kruisdood was geen offer ter genoegdoening maar een moord die door mensen begaan was. De opstanding was het offer. Meer:
Deel 1 * Deel 2 * Deel 3 * Deel 4 * Deel 5 * Deel 6 * Studies van Arthur Percy Adams hierover: >>>>
Klassieker: Adolph Ernest Knoch: Het Geheim van het Evangelie >>>

Een sleutelwoord in de Bijbel is het Griekse woord "aion" (Hebreeuws "olam"). Een aion is een lange periode. De Bijbel kent waarschijnlijk vijf van zulke perioden die als panelen naast elkaar staan (Efeziërs 3:9, 11). Helena Maria Keizer schreef haar boek over het Griekse woord aion dat op een betekenisvolle tijd duidt en met het Hebreeuwse woord "olam" overeenstemt. Life Time Entirety

Polarisatie versus diversiteit
Anno 2019 is er veel te doen over polarisatie en diversiteit. Echte samenhang kan alleen vanuit een brandpunt ontstaan. Dit brandpunt is de opgestane christus. In Hem krijgt alles samenhang (Kolossenzen 1:16-17; Johannes 1:1-3; Romeinen 11:36; 1 Korinthe 8:6; 15:27-28; Kolossenzen 1:16-17; 1:20; Hebreeën 1:3; 2:8; Efeze 4:8-10 en Openbaring 4:11). In Romeinen 16 staat een voorbeeld van een diverse oecumene die totaal anders gedefinieerd werd dan wat wij onder diversiteit verstaan.

Tenslotte is de Eindtijd aanstaande. Ene Dionysius Exiguus knoeide met onze jaartelling waardoor we dertig jaar voorlopen op de Bijbelse tijdslijn. Diverse typologieën in de Bijbel wijzen erop dat Jezus 2000 jaar na Zijn opstanding terugkeert. Die termijn is nagenoeg om. Uitleg hierover vindt u hier. Wederkomst van Jezus op de Derde Dag: >>>

Atlantis versus de Bijbel
De echte botsing der beschavingen vond krap tweeduizend jaar geleden plaats op de Areopagus – de Heuvel van Mars – in Athene, toen de apostel Paulus er het evangelie verkondigde. De gebeurtenis was een confrontatie tussen Jeruzalem en Athene. Of beter gezegd: tussen Atlantis en de Bijbel. Zie deze studie

Dan is er deze historische toespraak van Rich Nathan over de val van Rome en 9/11:

Leon Elshout is een autodidactische Bijbelstudent en opereert in de geest van de Bereërs die in Handelingen 17 worden genoemd. mail: aurichalcum2018 (at)

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My favourite books

Jan Bonda, Het Ene Doel van God
Robert W. Evely, At the End of the Ages
Victor Norgarde, Morningstar Pass
Kelly Cahill, Encounter
Gary M. Matheny, Exodus
The Diaries of Anaïs Nin
Jeanette Winterson, The Gap of Time
George Haas & William Saunders, The Cydonia Codex
Helena Maria Keizer, Life, Time, Entirety, the Greek Word Aion


Radio Interview with AAVIsie about my Tsaphon Atlantis Book, 7/9/2020


Atlantis as David’s Harp

Below, Left: the Sea of Galilea with eastern of it the Decapolis of ten cities including Gadara.
It is “harp shaped” – Psalm 49:4. The ten cities resonated with the five twin kings of Atlantis, including Gadeiros.


Below, Right: Athanasius Kircher’s Atlantis map, also harp shaped and mirrored,
west of Atlantis: Africa, east of Atlantis: America.
Mirroring, inversion, tsaphon are the keywords to identify Atlantis.
Both Plato and Athanasius Kircher could have only know these future Armageddon things
because they were inspired by the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16.

Credits: creative commons, Wikipedia

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Beware the Rebuilding
of Atlantis/Babylon
– Zacharia 5:11

Babylon sits both eastern and Northern of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 46:10).
The hostile armies of Babylon invaded Jerusalem from the north.
In Revelation 17:1-5 we read that Babylon sits connected
through the Euphrates in the middle of all the world seas.

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Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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The Christ Event

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Historische Kring Almelo

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Stadsmuseum Almelo

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Tehran café, Iran, february 2013

Tehran café, Iran, february 2013

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A Post Apocalyptic Civilization on Mars

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Gothic Bavarian castle, Tenius Cavus region, Mars

If this structure were related to similar structures on earth, it would probably be European. The Russian castles tend to have thinner turrets and often “onion”-shaped tops. English and Irish (Norman) castles tend to be more rectangular. The Martian structure looks closer to German or French (chateau) examples. It would be a later style, not so much for defense as for show. It looks like a hilltop type. So, I would say it could be called “gothic Bavarian.” If it were on earth.

But I suspect the story is more complicated than mere style. Since, as far as we know, Europeans never tried terraforming Mars, we must assume that this structure was built by indigenous Martians or, more likely I think, space traveling aliens. If it were indigenous, we would expect there to be other examples. If, instead, space traveling aliens came to Mars, they may have tried to settle in one place, as a test, building just one structure, but then leaving for some reason.

I suspect that is the case. The visitors to Mars would obviously have a high level of technology, but they would want to build quickly and efficiently. So they wouldn’t take the time to carve stone or bake brick. Instead they might have used Martian soil, which comes from weathered volcanic rock and no organic matter. It has clay and silt-sized particles, so the builders could.

The low strength of this material would help explain the arches used for the large openings at the bottom. The square openings at the top must be built smaller because the material cannot bear long, straight spans. The rammed earth construction has a high thermal mass so it can hold heat, which was probably some sort of radiant-energy system, since they would have no wood.

This is not a defensive structure. It is “representational” architecture, meaning its presence is as symbolic as it is functional. It means there was some social hierarchy, with a royal family or some other ruling group housed in this castle and a small village of more modest structures. The towers have decorative tops, which also may have incorporated some communication system. The complex volumetric organization suggests a sophisticated program, which probably included various domestic or religious rituals. It is all very interesting.

email, 15/12/2019 – K. Michael Hays, (Harvard University)

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Martine Grainey
comments on Mars anomalies

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Mars Fam


True Mars Landscape colors, Credit, David Homewood, original pic:


A guy on a scooter on Mars

Small guy on a scooter

Two children on Mars, watching the Mars Rover (credits: Sarah Runcie)

Two kids watching the Mars Rover

Father protecting his family from the Mars Rover. The lady looks like a muslimah, the rocks behind them could be tents so that this is a refugee camp in Gale crater. To the right someone is sitting there. Credit Martine Grainey

Muslim family? in Refugee camp? To the right someone is sitting on the ground.
The man is watching the Mars Rover.

Statue on Mars, PIA17931 (credits: ?)

Statue on Mars

Santa Claus and Black Pete embracing each other on Mars. Pete seems to carry a weapon on his leg. Red and green express the Mars colors. credit: terry burnett

Santa Claus and Black Pete embracing each other on Mars. Pete seems to carry a weapon on his leg.
Red and green express the Mars colors. credit: terry burnett


Hello cow girl in the sand

Young woman sitting on the ground, wearing 1920’s fashion.
She is watching the Mars Rover.

A Roman aqueduct on Mars

Monk on Mars with young mother and few sibblings
(in the greater picture of this there is a second monk visible)

Fortress on Mars

Fortress on Mars

Tall guy standing on Mars

Tall guy standing on Mars, with a kid standing close to his left leg

Bunker on Mars

Bunker on Mars

Martian tank

Tank on Mars

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Monk on Mars, credit terry burnett

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Below: Building or row of houses on Mars

Row of houses on Mars, one can clearly see an entrance and windows