The Case for Revelation 17-18; Endtimes Babylon (Al Hillah)

I am the World’s Number One Authority on Atlantis

In 410 AD Rome, the City of Man, was destroyed by the army of Alaric. God’s response to this was the publication of the book De Civitate Dei written by Aurelius Augustine. This book gave a boost to Christianity. [Watch here]. I’m trying to do the same with my free online classic “Atlantis in the Bible”.

Characteristic of every pagan world empire, according to the Bible, is that Babylon was always its capital or at least a main city. So Atlantis must have something to do with Babylon on the Euphrates. The Biblical principles of mirroring, the aionian times, tsafon and inversion allowed me to identify Atlantis and to determine the position of Atlantis in time and place and within the range from sunrise to sunset. My conclusion is that Atlantis is clearly a theological and not an archaeological theme. Poseidon was the idol Dagon in 1 Samuel 5 and what did the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16 have to do with the mysterious relation between Babylon and Atlantis? [Read more]

In my book, I make a detour to Mars where a post-apocalyptic civilization stares straight into the Mars Rover’s camera. How about that, and especially: in which god do they believe? [Read more].

I support the teaching of the Salvation of All through the blood and resurrection of Christ, 1 Colossians 1:20; 1 Timothy 4:10.

– Leon Elshout, NL, 24/1/2021, aurichalcum2018 (at)

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