My Revolutionary book: Atlantis in the Bible – The Case for Revelation 17-18; Endtimes Babylon (Al Hillah)


In 410 AD Rome, the City of Man, was destroyed by the army of Alaric. God’s response to this was the publication of the book De Civitate Dei written by Aurelius Augustine. This book gave a boost to Christianity. [Watch here] I’m trying to do the same with my free online classic “Atlantis in the Bible”. [Lees meer]

Dear reader: I am an ex-atheist, raised soberly until I fished in the ideas of Marxism, Trotskism and anarchism. Suddenly, in july 1996, I was gripped by the “higher”, which I still cannot explain properly. An art book from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy brought me to Jesus. A paragraph about Jesus in that very thick book was enough for my conversion. Not much later I came into contact with the doctrine of the salvation of all through the studies of Arthur P. Adams and Adolph E. Knoch. The Bible divides time into eonian timespanes. Throughout these eonian timespanes, the unbelievers and even the animals are also saved, but after their resurrection and judgment. This salvation of all creation that we read about in 1 Timothy 4:10 has its foundation in the resurrection of Jesus. As an ex-atheist, I had to get used to this whole scheme. Before my conversion, I did not think in terms of “salvation,” “sin,” or “atonement for all,” but in terms of socialism. In my book Atlantis in the Bible you can read that I do not go through overnight and sort things out before I surrender to it. I grant you – the reader – the same as what I received from God: the belief that Jesus was raised from the dead and the expectation of being snatched away to heaven from this capitalist hell. It is difficult to imagine that this event is imminent for the believer, but that is no less true. Romans 13:11 says wake up, we are living in a capitalist hell but redemption is near. Not through a socialist state, but through the salvation through Jesus. All religions preach an afterlife, only the Bible preaches a literal resurrection from the dead. I am not asking you for donations or to join a church. After all, I myself was converted outside of the church. I just share with you the good news that Jesus has overcome death. [Read more]

Atlantis as a religious DDoS attack on the Bible

God did another great miracle on me and made me discover Atlantis which is not an archaeological but a theological theme. In spite of all kinds of top theologians I discovered the complex theology behind Atlantis that had to do with mirorring, inversions, dualism and “tsafon”, which in Jeremiah 1:13 means north and midnight. Why was Atlantis harp-shaped and what does Atlantis have to do with Daniel 7:19 & 23 then with Revelation 17-18? Other Atlantis researchers did not know the biblical principle of the eons, so they could never identify Atlantis. Thanks to the Bible I succeeded and was the only one not to arrive at a literal island, which set the objective tone of the Bible. How did Plato know about the Biblical scheme of Atlantis as Babylon or how was he influenced by the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16? While Herodotus had written about the loose ingredients of Atlantis, Sais, Tire, and Babylon, Daniel mentioned a massive End Kingdom in which Babylon played the leading role. Only a higher being like the Python Spirit could have revealed this to Plato, but he did it in reverse order. The idols of Atlantis, Zeus, Poseidon and Athena were familiar in the Bible: Baal Tsaphon (The Sphinx in Exodus 14: 2), Dagon in 1 Samuel 5 and Astarte the goddess of the Sidonians in 1 Kings 11: 5.


The photos of Mars do not show a desolate landscape as the newsreader would have us believe, but a post-apocalyptic generation that otherwise has all the recognizable features of our earthly civilization. Photographs of monks on Mars turn our Biblical view of creation upside down. Is official Christianity part of a universal Baal religion that provocates our earthly Pauline Christianity? Quite a few Martians look straight into the Mars Rover’s camera. They’ve noticed us and are certainly smart enough to understand which planet our robot came from. Their civilization is like ours. They have our latest hair fashion like the hair bun in men. They also have pets. Not only Martians but also dogs and cats look straight into the camera. The Mars Rover is clearly an attraction. And why don’t the Martians send a robot to our Earth, but go to great lengths to get our attention by building a giant dualistic sphinx face in the Cydonia area? Are the Martians – and the rest of the solar system or the universe – under “house arrest” and are they not allowed to visit us? In our quest for alien civilizations on Mars and elsewhere, we will use the resurrection of Christ as our starting point to better understand our positions as well as theirs. I wrote about these matters in my book “Atlantis in the Bible” which is online for free.


Do the Martians have their own version of a messiah who rose from the dead? This would be the ultimate deception because Jesus had only died for our sins once. Or is the five-sided D&M pyramid in the Cydonia area the deception that teaches us that not the resurrected Christ but an initiated knowledge saves the creation from impermanence.


Ik ben ex-atheïst, nuchter opgevoed en viste in het gedachtengoed van Marxisme en anarchisme. Tot ik in 1996 door het “hogere” gegrepen werd, wat ik nog steeds niet goed kan verklaren. Een kunstboek van de Gerrit Rietveld Academie bracht me bij Jezus. Een paragraaf over Jezus in dat hele dikke boek was genoeg voor mijn bekering. Niet veel later kwam ik door de studies van Arthur P. Adams en Adolph E. Knoch met de alverzoeningsleer in aanraking. De Bijbel deelt tijd in, in aionische tijdspanelen. Doorheen deze aionische tijdspanelen worden ook de ongelovigen en zelfs de dieren gered, echter wel na hun opstandingen en oordeel. Deze redding van de hele schepping waarover we in 1 Timotheüs 4:10 lezen heeft haar fundament in de opstanding van Jezus. Aan dit hele schema moest ik als ex-atheïst zijnde erg wennen. Voor mijn bekering dacht ik niet in termen van “redding”, “zonde” of “alverzoening” maar in termen van socialisme. In mijn boek Atlantis in de Bijbel kunt u lezen dat ik niet over één nacht ijs ga en dingen goed uitzoek voordat ik me eraan over geef. Ik gun u – de lezer – hetzelfde als wat ik van God ontving: het geloof dat Jezus uit de dood werd opgewekt en de verwachting van de wegrukking naar de hemel, weg uit deze kapitalistische hel. Het is moeilijk voor te stellen dat deze gebeurtenis voor de gelovige op stapel staat maar daarom is hij niet minder waar. Romeinen 13:11 zegt: word wakker, we leven in een kapitalistische hel maar de verlossing is nabij. Niet door een socialistische heilstaat maar door de redding door Jezus. Alle religies preken een hiernamaals, alleen de Bijbel preekt een letterlijke opstanding uit de dood. Ik vraag u niet om donaties of om lid van een kerk te worden. Tenslotte was ik zelf buiten de kerk om bekeerd. Ik deel alleen het goede nieuws met u dat Jezus de dood heeft overwonnen.

Jezus stierf voor onze zonden

Jezus nam niet de straf voor onze zonden op zich maar de zonde zelf. Hij gaf ons een nieuw leven in plaats van dat Hij voor ons een straf onderging. Hij stierf dus ook niet plaatsvervangend. We zijn zondig omdat we sterfelijk zijn en niet andersom [Luister hier][en hier].

Athanasius Kircher’s Atlantis as David’s Harp,
“inverted” from the Sea of Galilee; Africa & America “mirorred”

credit: Creative Commons Wikipedia
Is someone “out there” provocating Paul’s gospel?


Pompeii on Mars: a mummified Martian couple, covered in mud or ash.
What happened on Mars? Credit: Mars X-Files Facebook Group

Mars teaches us that anyone who comes here to Earth across the starry gulf may have gone to the same school as Hernan Cortez
– Dr. John Brandenburg, Life and Death on Mars, p. 39

Will our aion close with another Tree of Knowledge of whose fruits Eve once ate?
This new Tree could be an enormous Sphinx face together with a five sided D&M (DiPietro & Molenaar) pyramid pointing towards the Face in the Cydonia region of Mars.
It’s deception: knowledge redeems, not the resurrected Christ. (Creative Commons, Wikipedia)

Who is this creepy guy, leaning with his arms crossed on a rock, observing the Curiosity Mars Rover? A Martian CIA agent or just a curious freak? (Credit:

Our Mars Rover is an attraction on Mars and the Martians have noticed us!

Richard C. Hoagland Interview

* * *

Ark theology versus lifeboat theology

Official “orthodox” Christianity is back to square one in the days before the Reformation. Karl Barth wrote that christianity wants to be Catholic again. A new Reformation is needed to dump the pagan doctrine of the Trinity, an afterlife, or an eternal hell into the garbage can. This false teaching fits into the theme of Atlantis where the island with man and horse disappeared into the waves for good where the Bible promises a resurrection and salvation of all people. The Pauline teaching of the resurrection of Christ, followed by the reconciliation of all – the salvation of all people – staged through the aions, invites a new Reformation. My book can be a pivot in this. Plato preached a devastating “werewolf gospel” that no one escaped. Orthodoxy proclaims a “lifeboat theology” whereby only a few are saved. My website promotes the “Ark theology” where everyone, including the unbelievers and even the animals, are saved, 1 Timothy 4:10. The step-by-step salvation of the unbelievers through the eons is the linchpin of Ark theology.


There is a lot to do about polarization in our society. I believe this polarization was already expressed in the Atlantis story by the two Pillars of Hercules and the five twin kings. In my opinion, coherence can only exist from a focal point. This focal point is the resurrected Christ we read about in Colossians 1: 16-17. Political parties that ignore this focus will always cause compartmentalization.

Basic Income

With a basic income Adolf Hitler would have become a famous painter instead of a “windsurf instructor” [Tweet]

Inspirations and dedications

My main inspirations are the book “Verbinding Verbroken” by Geertje van Egmond, the Diaries of Anais Nin and the concordant Bible studies of Adolph Ernest Knoch. I am a Berean Bible student according to Acts 17 and act outside the church. More reading material: George J. Haas & William R. Saunders: The Cydonia Codex, also: The Martian Codex / Robert W. Evely: At the End of The Ages

– Leon Elshout, NL, 24/1/2021, aurichalcum2018 (at)