The case for Revelation 17-18; Endtimes Babylon (Al Hillah)

Atlantis is theological, NOT archaeological 

In 410 AD Rome, the City of Man, was destroyed by the army of Alaric. God’s response to this was the publication of the book De Civitate Dei written by Aurelius Augustine. This book gave a boost to Christianity. [Watch here]. I’m trying to do the same with my free online classic “Atlantis in the Bible” [Read here]. 

What if Atlantis is not an archaeological story at all and has nothing to do with ruins on the seabed, but what if it is a theological story? Once we realize that the heroes of Troy and the kings of Atlantis were not humans but descendants of Zeus, we will look at Atlantis through a different lens. Atlantis was at least not an ordinary island if it was an island at all. [Read here].

The three pagan world empires, Babylon, Persia, and Greece, all had Babylon as their main city. Atlantis could not have existed before and had to have something to do with Babylon. In the Endtimes prophecy of Ezekiel 38:13 we read that Tarshish is England with it’s colonies rather than Andalusia. (Who won the Falkland War again?) If the prophet Jonah tried to flee to England, it meant that the Strait of Gibraltar was navigable. While Plato wrote that the Strait was unnavigable due to the mud of Atlantis. In Revelation 17:1-5 we read that End-time Babylon (Al-Hillah), connected via the Euphrates, is the queen of all the world’s seas. A secret that corresponds to Atlantis: Babylon will be rebuilt one last time (Zechariah 5:11) and will perish like Atlantis due to a mighty earthquake (Critias 108/Revelation 16:18; 18:21). Things were simply mirrored in time and space. The Python Spirit in Acts 16:16 was behind this puzzle. In the form of a cobra it was carved on the forehead of the Sphinx. The Atlantis idol Poseidon was Dagon in 1 Samuel 5. Within the frame of Tzaphon in Jeremiah 1:13, Atlantis moves from Sunrise (Al-Hillah) to sunset (the western horizon).

I believe the Exodus from Egypt went through the Nile Delta and not through the Gulf of Aqaba (Gary M. Matheny: Exodus). Reeds do not grow in salt water. Baal Tzaphon in Exodus 14:2 was the sphinx. A thousand years to the day, there was the exodus from Babylon, also on Passover. These details make the Bible unique.

In my book, I make a detour to Mars where a post-apocalyptic civilization stares straight into the Mars Rover’s camera. How about that, and especially: in which god do they believe? All of Mars is littered with broken statues including statues of the Greek idol Zeus. As if a global iconoclasm was taking place on Mars. This smacks of religion. On some Nasa photos you can see monks, on another a gnome with an Egyptian Ankh cross. Indeed, Cairo was not only the starting point of the Exodus but also the city of Mars. And what the hell are Santa Claus and Black Pete doing all over the solar system, on Mars and Pluto? As if they reveal to us a dualistic principle, just like the Pillars of Hercules.[Read more].

Dualism and Polarization

In my book I write about a dualistic principle that is embedded in the Atlantis story such as that of the Pillars of Hercules, the five twin kings and the two storylines of Athens and Atlantis. My suggestion is that this dualism has something to do with the polarization in Western society as we approach the End Times. On a large scale, it seems that this dualism plays across the entire solar system with Santa Claus and Black Pete that we encounter on Mars and Pluto and a Yin and Yang symbol on Iapetus. So Plato’s Atlantis story is worth studying.

Salvation of All

I support the teaching of the Salvation of All, including the animals through the blood and resurrection of Christ and throughout the aions, 1 Colossians 1:20; 1 Timothy 4:10. In a thousand years we will all see each other again including our pets. Religion is man-centered, grace is God centered. I do not believe in an afterlife but in a physical resurrection from the dead of everyone. This claim makes the Bible unique. [Read more]

  • God gaf mij aionisch leven wat technisch gezien neerkomt op een eeuwig leven. Ik ga straks met de volgende generaties verder en tevens in de hemel aan het werk. Ik gun u hetzelfde. Dit is de bedoeling van deze website. Als u gelooft dat Jezus voor uw zonden stierf, wat technisch ook best een lastig verhaal is en als u gelooft dat Hij letterlijk uit de dood werd opgewekt dan bent u ook gered voor het aionisch leven. Gelooft u dit niet dan kunt u Christus vragen om uw ongeloof te hulp te komen.

– Leon Elshout, NL, 24/1/2021, aurichalcum2018 (at)


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