The case for Endtimes Babylon (Al-Hillah), Revelation 17-18

I am the world’s number one authority on Atlantis. Every academic is challenged to debunk my free online book (Dutch).

Atlantis is theology, NOT archeology or history; Atlantis is Satan’s empire, do Atlantis researchers realize this?

When I searched Plato’s Atlantis in the Bible, I gradually discovered that Atlantis was not a physical island at all but something totally different. Atlantis was based on a “very complex theological schedule”. [Read more]

If you look into the mirror you will see that your right ear is on the left. Something similar happened with both End Times Babylon in Revelation 17-18 and Atlantis in Plato’s story. Babylon was the right ear mysteriously projected from the Euphrates to the Atlantic Ocean and then also back in time, then named Atlantis.

Other Atlantis researchers did not know the Biblical principle of the eons (Ephesians 3:9, 11). Aions are long but defined periods that are at odds with the principle of eternity. As a result, these researchers were unable to identify Atlantis. The first pagan empire that appears in the Bible was Nebuchanedzar’s Babylon. Atlantis could therefore not have existed before that time. However, the great world empire that Plato mentioned is more like the Halloween Final Empire in Daniel 7:19 and 7:23 with again Babylon as the capital. Poseidon was Dagon in 1 Samuel 5.

Only a sneaky creature like the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16 could whisper such a very complex theological system to Plato, just as Eve was deceived in Genesis 3.

Criticism of my book so far has been that I put together many assumptions and draw vague conclusions from them. Below are some of those “vague” conclusions I came to during my research. 

  • Tarshish in Ezekiel 38:13 is England, not Andalusia (Sorry Helena Maria Whishaw)
  • Ophir in 1 Kings 9, 10, 22 was Opis/Ctesiphon on the Tigris
  • Sheba was Beersheva, not Yemen or Ethiopia.
  • The Queen of Sheba was most likely Absalom’s sister, Tamar
  • Cavalry was outside the Haram Shariff, on a southern slope of the Mount Olivet, Hebrews 13:11-13
  • Tzaphon in Jeremiah 1:13 is the trajectory from sunrise to sunset, from Babylon to Atlantis; besides it’s meaning of “north”.
  • Atlantis is related to other gnostic manuscripts like the Ugarith Baal and Anath Cycle, the Book of Enoch, the Qu’ran, Iliad, Odyssey, Book of Mormon, etc.
  • The Exodus route went through the Nile Delta and not through the Gulf of Aqaba. Migdol and Baal Tsafon in Exodus 14:2 are the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, both built by the Israelite slaves and thus less old than many people think.
  • Homework: Is Atlantis really a dualistic principle of End Times Babylon and Jerusalem?
– Leon Elshout, NL, 24/1/2021, aurichalcum2018 (at)
Below: Al-Hillah/Babylon is Plato’s Atlantis. We did not recognize it because Babylon is the sunrise dimension while Atlantis was located in the sunset dimension on the Western horizon.