– ANAIS NIN, 30 JULY 1928

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In a few days I knew all the electrical terms and all the details of plumbing, the qualities and kinds of woods. I had all my closets made. I bought some paint and started some experiments with color. Even the first night, the house was tidy. Hugh never lacked a button. I kept a notebook, my keys in a bunch with tags on them. I interviewed the architect, had conferences with the concierge, spotted the defects, had them repaired, followed up the workmen, tipped, smiled, offered beer, craftily evaded deceit and cheating, didn’t once lose my temper, and learned in a week to handle these perspiring, smelly brutes. – Anais Nin, 28 july 1929
Harry Robert Fox

276-60 N, el Camino Real

Oceanside California 92054-1731

April 29, 2005

Dear Mr. Leon,

This is in response to your letter of april 24, 2005 in which you ask for my opinion about what you said was an encounter with christ – in which He tells you that all things are possible for who believes and iin order to you was christ, He would make you together as Leon and Anais Nin in Christ. You then ask me “is this Christ’s unique way to have a personal relationship with me? Or is it witchcraft and is satan trying to deceive me? You further state that you are rewriting Anais Nin’s Diaries on the internet and have dedicated you website to both christ and Anais Nin and are wondering if your inclusion of Anais Nin is idolatry or a glorifying christ through Anais Nin?

In answer to the first part of your question I would say this, I do not believe that christ will “create” Anais Nin inside you like Adam had Eve inside him or raise her out of the death into you. Whatever! He simply said tyo you that He “could” do this, or whatever if He so chose to do. This may have been as you said to have a personal relationship with you. In any event there is no good reason to believe that Christ will actually decide to create Anais Nin inside you.

In answer to the second part of your question, your dedication of your website to Anais Nin along with christ does not necessarily indicate idolatry. Authors usually dedicate their productions to fellow human beings without regarding what they do as idolatry. I am sorry I don’t have acces to the internet or know how to use a computer so that I might correspond with you via email. But I am glad to respond any future questions you may have via conventional postal services.

Thankfully Yours, Harry Robert Fox

276-60 N, el Camino Real

Oceanside California 92054-1731

May 12, 2006

Dear Mr. Elshout,

This is in response to your much appreciated letter of may 1, 2006. I was glad to hear that thanks to the internet your knowledge of the Bible has risen ten times more than ever before. You also said that you have some questions for me to answer, as follows:

1. What does christ expect from you? To do good things and help the poor or just sit down and wait? You said that when you were an atheist, you were an activist but that now you are doing nothing. But you also say that you are communicating to many people on your website “for Anais Nin” and also confronting them with the good news. Then you say however, that for you the life of the apostle Paul is much more exciting then the lifes of Henry Miller, Jack London and Anais Nin together and that you hope that the visitors who come to (your) website will get this message.

In answer to what you say in the above paragraph I would say that you are already being led by God to do what He wants you to do, namely, to use your website to share the glorious good news of the gospel articulated so magnificently by the apostle Paul.

2. You next say that your dream is to become a writer but that since the Bible says for us to look first for the Kingdom of God you are wondering if you should stop writing and help the poor or bring the good news to the world. And then you ask, “how do I seek the Kingdom first?”

My answer to all of this is perhaps that you can do all three things: 1. continue to be a writer, 2. help the poor and 3. bring the good news to the world. Or perhaps God will want you to choose to do something else. Much depends on what may be the kind of talents or abilities God has given you. In Matthew 25 Jesus gives us the parable of the talents in which we are challenged to use the talents God has given to each of us. It seems to me that seek first the Kingdom of God means for us to dilligently seek to know the will or call of God for each of us. What He may call me to do may be very different from what He calls you to do. Thus Paul in Romans 12:3-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:28-30 and Ephesians 4:7-11 informs us that God does not give all of us to do the same thing. Pauls says (especially in 1 Corinthians 12:28-30) that God gives some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be teachers, while to others He gives to be evangelists or teachers or healers or administrators etc., etc. – the list can be extended endlessly. What God gave me was to be born and raised in Japan where I learned to speak the Japanese language and to know the Japanese people. So I have spent most of my life communicating God’s good news to the Japanese in Japan and the United States. Even now at age 85 most of my time is spent teaching Japanese people here in California the Gospel of Christ. Thus my wife, Jerry and I will be praying that God will enable you to know what giftst He has given you and guide you into doing what He would have you to do.

3. How am I so sure that I possess the Holy Ghost? >> My answer to this is found in Acts 2:38 where Peter says for us to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and for the remission of our sins and tells us that we shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. If you have believed the Gospel, repented and received baptism then you have already been given the Holy Spirit and He is already in you and at work in you.

4. Is it true that the community in Acts never existed? >> My answer is that it did truly exist but was only temporary. Since so many of the 3000 people baptized in response to Peter’s sermon recorded in Acts 2 were among the many who had come from far away places to celebrate the Passover they needed the temporary help given to us by the apostles and the local recently baptized residents of Jerusalem. Once the emergency ended and the out of town converts had returned home the need for temporary help also ended. But to whatever extent such needs occured at other times and places the first century church practiced what the church praticed in Acts 2.

5. You expressed concern over continuing to be faced with the threat of becoming homeless. Also the urgent need for a good job which will provide you with money to pay for your living expenses. My response to this concern of yours is to look to friends and relatives to give you some temporary help while you find and obtain the kind of job that will provide you with enough income to meet your financial needs. If you are a member from a local church there may be some help for you from that source.

In any case my wife and I will be praying with you that God will assist you through human channels to obtain all that you need while you prayerfully seek His will for you. Prayerfully yours, Harry Robert Fox